Health Equity Family Leadership Training

We are proud to offer Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI), a “first of its kind family civics program” in which families spend 120 hours learning to become effective leaders in their communities. The goals of the FLTI are to effect positive family leadership development by:

-Helping families become leaders in their communities through civic engagement

-Expanding and facilitating the capacity of families to be change agents on a neighborhood, regional and state level;

-Developing supportive communities of families within regions of the state;

-Facilitating family involvement in state and local policy decision-making processes;

-Increasing parent-child interaction through family involvement.




To register of find out more go to:  Colorado family leadership training institute

Health Equity

When all people have "the opportunity to 'attain their full health potential' and no one is 'disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of their social position or other socially determined circumstance’”

Health Disparity

A type of difference in health that is closely linked with social or economic disadvantage. Health disparities negatively affect groups of people who have systematically experienced greater social or economic obstacles to health. These obstacles stem from characteristics historically linked to discrimination or exclusion such as race or ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, mental health, sexual orientation, or geographic location. Other characteristics include cognitive, sensory, or physical disability.

Full Circle of Lake County and Lake County Build a Generation  (the Full Circle-LCBAG partnership) will play a key role in the health equity advocacy field by developing the advocacy capacity of those most affected by health disparities—and helping to ensure those voices are present at the statewide health equity advocacy table. To be involved go to