Luke Finken and his family are proud Leadville locals, who consider Leadville a unique home which attracts exceptional people and also a place that has a way of staying in your heart.

Since moving to Leadville in 2001, Luke has found the Leadville Trail 100 Run an inspiring feat to witness. 

Having enjoyed watching folks train and accomplish what some deem impossible, he has decided to compete in the 2019 ultramarathon.

Given his deep ties to the community, Luke also sees it as an opportunity to enrich Leadville youth and families by fundraising for one of his favorite nonprofits, Full Circle of Lake County.

He is delighted to run the Leadville Trail 100 to help support Full Circle’s mission.

We are honored to root for him on August 17th & 18th as he takes on the Leadville Trail 100 Run. To contribute to Full Circle in his honor, click the Donate button below and write For Luke in the “Add Special Instructions” section of your donation. Thank you so much for your support of Luke and Full Circle!

Approaching the Finish


Luke Finken Photo 2019


Thank you so much for your support of Full Circle of Lake County. You generous donation to Full Circle is money well spent. Full Circle students and families get the very best that Leadville has to offer, in the sense of trainings, clubs, and activities; not to mention an awesome staff who make Leadville great! I am especially grateful that you decided to donate on my behalf this year as I ran the Leadville Trail 100.

All along the way (and just over 15,000 calories) Leadville was there with me: In the countless steps of the race, in the sweet voices shouting out my name in support, in the mountain roads, in the muddy streams, in the chorus of vuvuzelas ringing the night and finish line, in the nearly full moon rising over Twin Lakes, in the clear morning shine over a still Turquoise Lake…it all was a beautiful and grueling 29 hours and 24 minutes. I finished! While completing this crazy race, I thought about our special mountain town and all of her wonderful people, past and present, who make it so. Thanks for being a part of this amazing adventure! And thanks again for supporting Full Circle, and me, Luke!

Your Fan,
Luke Finken

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