The Leadville Herald-Democrat recently posted updates on how the Unmet Needs Committee has persisted in delivering assistance and results for Lake County Residents throughout the pandemic

“When nearly 75 percent of employees leave the county every day to go to work, it is unsurprising that parents have come to rely on schools to provide supervision and care to their children and youth. As Lake County schools adopted a hybrid model of remote and in-person learning due to COVID-19, parents, many of whom were immigrants and essential workers, were faced with the impossible choice of maintaining employment or staying home to care for their children.

Full Circle Lake County, in close partnership with the school district, decided to work together to ensure that every student would have a place to go, filling the gap in care, services, and supervision and giving parents peace of mind while they continued to work. With previous experience in providing out-of-school programming to up to 150 children for a few hours a day after school, Full Circle was able to quickly pivot and offer full-day programming for hundreds of students.

This made it possible for parents to maintain their work schedules while children in grades K-12 were cared for in a safe environment. Full Circle provided social, emotional, and enrichment programs and the school offered academic supports. Stephanie Cole, Executive Director of Full Circle of Lake County attributes the success of the program to high levels of collaboration and collective impact, “You could see it and feel it every day,” she reflected.”

Full Circle’s work with the Unmet Needs Committee was one of 4 communities across the United States that was highlighted for our eviction prevention efforts in response to COVID-19. 


Full Circle had the opportunity to participate in the Colorado Trust’s Health Equity Advocacy Cohort from 2015-2020


We are so excited to announce that Full Circle recently purchased a new home! 
We are so grateful to be able to move into a beautiful, large building in Leadville that was the previous home of Periodic Brewing.
Look at us – a prevention agency converting a bar into a community center!
We are thrilled to be able to share our new home with the community

Full Circle was featured by Colorado Public Radio for our work supporting Lake County amidst the pandemic

Read the story on CPR's website with quotes from Executive Director Stephanie Cole and Youth Engagement Specialist Christian Luna

"Leadville, along with the rest of Colorado’s tourist-reliant mountain communities, was hit hard by the closure of ski resorts and restrictions on travel within the state, which kept recreationists away. Because of long-standing economic inequities rooted in immigration status, that pain has been especially acute in the nearby mobile home parks, home to many of the room cleaners, restaurant cooks, and construction workers who advocates say make the tourism industry in neighboring Summit and Eagle counties possible." -

Nathaniel Minor, CPR

The last few months have been really challenging, but our team at Full Circle has been working hard in partnership with many awesome organizations in Lake County to make sure families have what they need through this crisis, whether that be food delivery, activity packs, or financial assistance. Our friends and funders at the Colorado Department of Human Services decided to highlight some of the efforts our team at Full Circle has been involved with – check it out!

Full Circle staff drop off meals to Lake County families. Partnering with other organizations, staff help distribute about 11,000 meals per week.

Check out Full Circle High School Programs in the paper!

The Leadville Herald Democrat wrote an article about Youth Action Squad’s and Be Awesome’s work evaluating community safety