Restorative justice


Restorative Justice is a process that gives victims, offenders, and the community-at-large a chance to repair relationships following a crime. In Restorative Justice (RJ) we ask: What happened? Who was affected and how? and: What can be done to repair this harm?

Referred youth (up to age 25) are given a chance to take responsibility for their actions and to meet with those affected by those actions in a Restorative Conference to determine what they can do to make amends for their actions. Victims are given the chance to meet and talk to the offender in a safe environment, to ask why this happened to them, tell their side of the story, and to have a voice in how the referred youth repairs the harms caused by their actions. Trained community members represent the needs of the entire community by sharing how this crime affected the community of Leadville and Lake County. The process is voluntary for all parties, however youth referred to RJ will be referred back to law enforcement or the court if they don't complete the entire process, including all terms of the agreement created in their Restorative Conference.

Full Circle welcomes volunteers who are interested in participating in the Restorative Justice process as community members and facilitators. We will be offering volunteer training starting in November 2014. Please contact Rohan at (719) 293-0739 or for more information.