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This just in! Full Circle would like to recognize two very special members of our circle!

Allison Carey has been a mentor for Full Circle for five months to two amazing young girls! Apart from spending time with them both, Allison acts as a supportive member of Full Circle by volunteering at our monthly mentoring events. In addition, this year for her birthday, Allison has asked that her friends and family hold the gifts and donate to Full Circle instead.

Allison, we cannot thank you enough for your dedication to this organization, your mentees and the kids in Leadville. You are truly special! Happy birthday!

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Harry Camp has been a dedicated member of Full Circle since its beginning. Harry was one of the original board members and has been an avid member of our circle since then. This year, Harry is also asking his friends to withhold birthday gifts and cards to give the gift that keeps on giving! Harry has started a fundraising via Facebook that will benefit Full Circle and raised over $1400.

Happy birthday, Harry! We cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and support to our organization for all of these years. You truly have made a difference in many children's lives. Thank you!

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Want to find out how you can host your own fundraiser for Full Circle of Lake County? Visit our Peer-to-Peer fundraising page.

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