High School Programs

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Full Circle offers programs designed to meet the needs of high school students. All programs are coordinated by Bill Nelson, Makali Beck, Jenny Delcher


W(rec)K-LESS/The Guys Group/The Girls Group

  • ¨ Youth (9-12th grade) attend weekly prevention-based activities discussing teen-related topics.
  • ¨ Youth will also discuss the topics of DUI, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, relationships and violence.
  • ¨ Youth will develop healthy life choices and leadership skills.

Boogie Down Productions

Youth (9-12th grade) attend weekly practices to learn the art of playing music for different audiences.

¨     D.J. Techniques.

¨     Discussion of lyrics and meaning in their lives.

¨     Public speaking.

¨     Presentation & Marketing.

¨     Small business management skills.

Boys’ Council

¨     Interactive after-school curriculum discussion group (9-12th grade) that reinforces positive relationships, choices and discussion of topics such as DUI, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, relationships and violence.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)

Students (9-12th grade) advocate safe and healthy choices among their peers

  • ¨ Meets at lunch to plan monthly activities for the students to think about choices and improve decision-making among high school students.
  • ¨ Students become leaders and develop life skills.