Full Circle offers a full-range of programming for High School-aged students. Most focusing on fostering leadership, team-building, and overall decision-making skills to help prepare young adults for post-graduation paths like college, vocational/trade school, or directly entering the workforce.

Boys Council/Girls Circle

  • Parallel programming for both high school boys and girls engaging in discussion around body image, health, decision-making, and positive self-concept.
  • Uses strength-based approaches to incorporate education about risk behaviors into fun alternative activities

The Guys/Cloud City Chics

  • After-school program focused on working with youth between ages 13-17 to reduce risk factors

  • Meets weekly for positive healthy activities

  • Program features discussion and education components which allow for careful reflection of concepts such as leadership and relationship management


  • Assists high school students by helping create “life plans”

  • Facilitates reflection and encourages personal growth

  • Support is provided to encourage graduating students to explore opportunities such as college, trade/vocational school, or the workforce

Be Awesome

  • Program where members conduct monthly social-norm campaigns and hot-spot mapping to reach the entire Lake County High School population

  • Meets weekly to discuss ways to improve decision-making of peers and classmates

Boogie Down Productions

  • Weekly DJ club where kids learn skills of performing music for an audience
  • Other skills honed by participants include public speaking, set up/tear down and care of equipment
  • Program also incorporates discussions about music style, lyrics, and careers
  • Presentation, business management, and marketing skills are learned through community engagement

Bill has been working at Full Circle since 1998 and is the longest tenured member of the staff. He thoroughly enjoys working with Lake County Youth of all ages but works most exclusively with high-school students. Bill is a lifelong resident of Leadville and has a wife, Renee, and two sons, Billy and Hunter.

He is a huge fan of the Minnesota Vikings, exploring the outdoor wonderland of Lake County, and green chili.

Bill welcomes any-and-all questions about his programs. If you would like more information or have questions about Full Circle’s work with high school students, please feel free to contact him at:

bill@fullcircleleadville.org OR (719) 486-2400