Full Circle Staff


Alice Pugh

Executive Director

B.A. Sociology, Fairfield University

Founding Director of Full Circle, 1991

Experience: Alice was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador from 1980-1983. Over the years, she has helped empower young people as a high school employment counselor, disability career coach, and as the Executive Director of Full Circle Leadville.


Family: Alice’s two daughters, Arianna and Kimberly, keep her and her husband, Ken, laughing and thoroughly enjoying life. They have a kitten, Stellaluna,, who dances with curiosity. Full Circle is Alice’s “third child.”


Hobbies: Alice is a storyteller and loves the outdoors.


Alice’s Favorite Quote:

“Live well, be mindful, laugh often, and leave the world a better place than you found it and always believe in peace.”



Bill Nelson

High School Youth Director – The crazy guy who hangs out with high school kids.

B.A. Psychology, Adams State College

Full Circle employee since 1998



Experience: Bill has been working with youth at Full Circle for eighteen years now. He has experienced many, many activities with all ages of youth and his brain has turned into Jell-O but the kids seem to like him better that way.


Family: Bill has a beautiful wife, Renee Nelson (Raiders fan or fan of anyone who plays the Broncos). She has tolerated all his time spent away on trips with kids and late night gigs DJing the newest event. She is a wonderful woman who loves to give Bill crap about how he does not work but still gets paid for it! Bill and Renee have two sons. Billy Nelson (Raiders fan), is 20 years old and headed off to college. He loves the outdoors and doing anything with the family. He is also determined that the Raiders will someday win the Super bowl again. Hunter Nelson (Raiders) is 16 years old. He enjoys playing high school football. He is interested in becoming an electrician.  He loves to hang out with his older brother and being with the family. He is one wild and crazy kid who seems to be the actor of the family.


Hobbies: Bill loves hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, music, snowboarding, football (Minnesota Vikings fan), among many other things- It just depends on the day and how much money he DOESN’T have in his pocket.


Bill’s Favorite Quotes:

“I spilled spot remover on my dog, now he’s gone” – Steven Wright

“It is not my problem, it maybe my fault, but it is definitely not my problem.” – KASF quote

“All I know is… I know nothing.” – I don’t know “Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!” – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Lisa Sandoval

Office/Grants Fiscal Manager

Joined Full Circle: 2016


Experience: Lisa has always had a passion with working with numbers. This passion only grew once she took her first accounting class and decided that’s what she wanted to do. She has been a bookkeeper for over 16 years.


Family: Lisa was born and raised in Leadville. She is married to her loving husband Gary for 24 years now. She has two wonderful daughters named Breanna who is 16 years old and Brittnie who is 12 years old.


Hobbies: Lisa loves spending time with her family and taking vacations by the beach in Cancun. She also loves taking a road trips to different states.


Quote: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”-Mae West


Makali Beck

Youth Activities Assistant

Full Circle employee since 2007


Makali’s Bio:

Experience: Malali has five years experience working with youth as a soccer coach, parapro at Lake County Middle School and Full Circle Volunteer Mentor. He served in Alabama National Guard from 1999-2006 including 10months in Tikrit, Iraq as a Communications Specialist.


Family: Makali has a big family – the whole extended Beck Clan from Alabama to Leadville, as well as his mother and sister in Alabama.


Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, Tennessee Volunteer Football, Fishing, Skiing, Living the Good Life in Leadville


Makali’s Quote:

“You need snack. I can get you snack.” —Makali Beck


Karla Alder

Latino Family Coordinator

Joined Full Circle: 2015


Bio: Karla has lived in Colorado for 22 years. She arrived in Leadville in December of 1994 from Santa Barbara Chihuahau, Mexico, also a small mining town like Leadville. Karla graduated from High School in Leadville in 2000. Spanish is Karla's first language so it was here at Leadville High School where she learned English. Karla was always worried about speaking English and having an accent, therefore she was very quiet in class and would only befriend Spanish speaking friends. After high school, she moved to Summit County. However, after starting her own family she felt that Summit County did not have the same community feel that Leadville did when she was growing up.


Family: Karla has three beautiful daughters. Mariana is 10 years old, Maya is 8 years old and Monique is 3 years old.


Experience: During her last year of high school, Karla was part of Full Circle's peer counselors group, which gave her a sense of hope and inclusiveness. Being a part of Full Circle gave Karla opportunities that she would not have previously had, like attending college because was illegal. She realized that she could make a difference by being bilingual, by simply holding the key to help people communicate with each other. Karla now feels very honored to now be part of Full Circle as an employee and be able to help people!!


Melissa Klonsinski

AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer

B.S. Biology, Edgewood College

Joined Full Circle: 2017


Experience: Melissa has 7 years of volunteer experience in a variety of different capacities. She has spent time teaching English to English Language Learners in an after school program in Minneapolis, MN. As well as volunteered for the Jeremiah Program and FreeArts Minnesota using art therapy to help children ages 2-5 years old and the surrounding community in St. Paul, MN. In addition, Melissa has extensive experience working with a wide variety of children facing many different behavioral, social, and mental disabilities. Melissa also was a head coach for an elite national volleyball team in Madison, WI for two years. During her coaching, she was in charge of planning practices, maintaining positive and open relationships with players, parents and fellow coaches, and being a positive role model for her players, on and off the court.


Family: Melissa grew up in Madison, WI, where her parents still live. She has two siblings, a brother and sister. Both of which live in Boston, Mass.


Hobbies: Melissa loves to travel and seek out new and exciting experiences! She loves to be active and outdoors. In particular, she loves to play volleyball, beach or court. Melissa also has deep roots in music and photography and enjoys spending time with friends and family.  


Quote: "The quickest way to happiness? Learning to be selfless. Ask more questions. Talk about yourself less." - Macklemore



Paige Kennon

Mentoring Coordinator

Joined Full Circle: 2017

B.S. Sports Management with a minor in Outdoor Recreation and Education, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Bio: Paige studied Sports Management with a minor in Outdoor Recreation and Education at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Although she considers Minneapolis her “home away from home,” Paige’s love for travel influenced her move to Leadville. She loves returning to the vibes of a small town and being able to know her neighbors. So if you see her around town, stop to say hello and to give her a hug! (She loves hugs!!)

Family: Paige is originally a small town Iowa girl. Her parents and sister/brother-in-law still live in Iowa but frequently come out to visit Paige.

Hobbies: Hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, playing cards, and most importantly – making people smile.

"Until you're ready to look foolish, you'll never have the possibility of being great." -