Our Mentoring program aims to train adult volunteers to become Mentors who guide Lake County youth by building trust and modeling positive behavior. A Mentor is someone who is interested in and committed to the holistic (relational, emotional, intellectual, etc.) success and well-being of their Mentee. 



Full Circle Mentoring staff recruits and trains adult volunteers to become Mentors to referred youth in Lake County. Community members, from school staff to parents, refer 4th and 5th grade youth that could benefit from an additional positive adult influence in their lives. These referred youth participate in the 4th/5th grade Mentoring Adventure after-school program run by Giulia, the Mentor Coordinator. When making a match, the Mentor Coordinator considers the interests, personalities, and life experiences of Mentors and Mentees. These considerations lay the groundwork for stronger lasting relationships between Mentors and their Mentees.



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Giulia speaks English & Italian, proficient in Spanish

Joined Full Circle in 2020

Giulia studied Anthropology and Sociology with a minor in Spanish and has dedicated much of her time outside of school to working with youth in a variety of educational contexts. She has worked in various mentoring and tutoring programs and educational non-profits. Giulia is committed to using her experience and skills for the benefit of Full Circle’s mentoring program, in particular by pioneering a bilingual mentoring program in Spanish.

Giulia is enthusiastic about working for an organization dedicated to addressing the needs of the whole child through one-on-one mentoring. She also enjoys creating a space for kids to feel safe to express their emotions, and in the process develop greater social and emotional skills.

Contact Giulia with any questions regarding the Mentor Program.



Giulia habla inglés e italiano y domina el español

Se unió a Full Circle en 2020

Giulia estudió Antropología y Sociología con especialización en español y ha dedicado gran parte de su tiempo fuera de la escuela a trabajar con jóvenes en una variedad de contextos educativos. Ha trabajado en varios programas de tutoría y organizaciones educativas sin fines de lucro. Giulia está comprometida a utilizar su experiencia y habilidades en beneficio del programa de mentores de Full Circle, en particular siendo pionera en un programa de mentores bilingües en español.

Giulia está entusiasmada por trabajar para una organización dedicada a abordar las necesidades del niño en su totalidad a través de tutorías individuales. También le gusta crear un espacio para que los niños se sientan seguros para expresar sus emociones y, en el proceso, desarrollar mayores habilidades sociales y emocionales.

Comuníquese con Giulia si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el Programa de mentores