Mentoring is an incredibly fun way to make a difference in a child’s life.


Full Circle began as a trial program to measure the effectiveness of reducing substance abuse in at-risk youth if they were matched with a positive adult role model. More than 22 years later, mentoring is still at the core of Full Circle’s programming and it has been successful in helping hundreds of youth become successful young adults.


Youth ages 9-12 are matched with volunteer adult mentors who spend 2-3 hours week with their “mentee”. Activities range from working on homework to cooking to climbing a 14er to just hanging out. Each month, Full Circle organizes a Mentor-Youth activity to bring together mentors and youth for a fun group outing whether it’s sledding, playing board games or our annual trip to Water World in Denver.


All mentors undergo a background check and training with Full Circle staff before they are matched with a child. Then they get to have unlimited fun, cool monthly activities and coupons to take their youth on activities. If you’re interested in being a mentor, please click here, and join the dozens of other Full Circle mentors who are making a difference to kids in Leadville.


The town of Leadville puts tremendous value in the positive change achieved through mentoring, so much so that the Mayor of Leadville has signed a proclamation recognizing January as National mentoring month. 

Proclamation National Mentoring Month 2016

Proclamation National Mentoring Month 2017



This web page is a resource for parents of children ages 10-19.  It has many helpful resources for talking to youth and information about issues that they are facing (like bullying, hygiene, technology, ect.).


For a calendar of activities going on in the community visit  Click on the link to “view calendar”.  Also look through the rest of the website if you have time as it is a great organization in Leadville.


This is a great resource if you want to look into mentoring further.  It has workbooks and readings for mentors to use.


Things that can be borrowed from the Full Circle Office to use with your Mentee:
Full Circle has a storage room full of recreational equipment you can borrow to use with your mentee.  Please contact Sophie at 486-2400 to borrow any of the equipment listed below.  And if you don’t see it here, call and ask.


  • bicycles (and helmets)
  • basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and more
  • fishing poles and tackle
  • discs for disc golf course at CMC or Copper Mountain
  • cross country skis, boots, and poles
  • board games like Risk, Scrabble, Boggle, ect.